Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Project Time: Just in Time for Tailgating!

I made this beverage tub to use while tailgating before Bears games! It was really simple and this was one project that even my husband got excited about. I purchased a simple galvanized metal tub from Michael's crafts store, and made a paper stencil using Microsoft Word, and cut out the letters with an X-acto knife. I used masking tape to tape off the top and bottom for the Navy stripe and used a hairdryer to speed up dry-time between the 5 coats it took to cover the metal.
After it was dry, I used the stencil to paint the letters and outlined them freehand in white. To finish, after it was dry, I coated the entire painted surface (and a little off the edge) in a sealant so it won't flake or peel. If I had it to do over again, I would make the stencil out of plastic- maybe one of those thin cutting boards or one of those overhead transparencies- because the paper tended to get soggy and stick in some places. All in all it was a fun and sucessful project! Next I would like to make a preppy version of a Bears tablecloth and maybe some other tailgating accesories... let me know if you have ideas!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Coveted Look of the Day

I found this in the Fall Look Book on J. Crew's website. I love it. I love evreything about the outfit including the unexpected splash of yellow brought in by the cute bag! If only my wardrobe funds were unlimited!

I got this a Gap Body, and according to the tag it is a robe-- but I wore it to work on Friday as a hoodie/sweater coat and got a lot of compliments. (we have a casual dress code at work.)
I also wore it all day Saturday as a bumming around sweatshirt dress with leggings. I felt like I was ready for bed all day! So comfy cozy. I was thinking about how great it would be for if/when I get pregnant. Which well hopefully (knock on wood) be next year after my BFF's wedding.