Thursday, May 1, 2008

Liily found!!!....and lost

I managed to find three Lilly dresses at Marshalls just off Michigan Avenue--the one near Ann Taylor. They were pink and cute and I was so excited until I saw that the smallest size they had was an 8. Now usually, I might be able to deal, so I decided to try them on. This was Lilly however, and I tend to go down a size when I wear it, so the 8 looked stupid on me. Way too long- swimming in the chest...I looked like a freshman trying on a Seniors prom dress. It was a blessing in disguise however, because I realized this morning that I am going to MIAMI.....not Palm Beach! I need to be a little more sassy with my clothing options-- so off I jetted to the place I usually hate and grabbed a strapless blue dress a gold necklace in case I feel bold, a pretty sea glass necklace in case I am feeling posh and sweet, and a long necklace with an orange medallion in case i am feeling bo-ho Miami...

For Saturday night I have grabbed a dress that I have had for a while but only worn twice- it is an aqua dress with streaks of pink and yellow--very FLORIDA- and I have pink patent sandals to match.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can't find Lilly!!!

I am heading off to Miami in a couple days-just for the weekend- and I had hoped to purchase some adorable new duds for my trip and can't seem to find a thing! I went to J. crew with a gift card for more than $75 and still walked out empty handed. I was hoping to find a Lilly Pulitzer dress to wear to one of the events- we have an arrival casual cocktails on Friday night and a party on Saturday night-but I can't find a thing! I have exhausted most of my usual options without any luck! I did J. Crew, I checked Nordstrom, Bloomingdales website, Banana, Gap, and I can't find a thing! I just want something Florida/Preppy/pink/cute that will make me look fabulous....any ideas!?