Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dining Room Update-mini post

Not sure If I have already shared this, but we painted our dining room Navy Blue. The way this coordinates with the new living room furniture makes me so excited about the way everything works together. The green throw pillows on the couches pop even more against the navy backdrop in the distance. I thought I would share pictures of the dining room. I need to re-cover the chairs and choose a rug, but otherwise, I am pretty happy with how it looks. Plus my Vera Wang vase looks so great with Hydrangea from my yard- they have stayed green for over month now and even though I am pretty sure they are dead- they look fabulous.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

House Update

We have been in our house now for about a month and a half and we are making some progress!
Last week, our living room couches arrived and against all sane advice and a lot of your wise council- we stuck with the white! They look really great, and although I am sure there will be stains in my future, we do have a stain warranty, where they remove stains or replace the couch. The coffee table also looks great, and I am beginning to dress the room with accessories and make it feel complete. I got some green pillow covers at Pottery Barn that I LOVE- but they were really overpriced, so I feel a little guilty about them. I also got an end table and will try to get some pictures of the room when I get more done. I really need to replace the floral curtains that are in that area right now because they are pretty awful.

We also made some progress in the past few days in the nursery! Big Guy worked all weekend with his Dad to put up the moulding/molding and it looks really goo. The pictures aren't that great because I was taking them at strange angles, but I think you get the idea. Additionally, we ripped up the carpet to expose wood floors that are in decent shape! There are a couple gouges in the center of the room, and eventually we will need to refinish the floor, but for now- an area rug will hide the scrapes and scratches and we will try to clean them up and make them look as good as possible. Big guy spent a few hours last night pulling staples and when I got home from running my million errands he surprised me with a staple free floor! This means that we can clean up, build the crib and start moving stuff into the nursery! I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I am really happy with how it looks so far.