Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Thank you so much for all the well wishes! I really needed them this week since I was dealing with some of those sensitive issues that I mentioned previously. All in all we had pretty good responses. Some better than expected, and some better than others. One of my best friends had a bit of a hard time since she has been trying for some months and having some roadblocks, but after a few conversations she came around and started acting like the supportive friend she really is deep down. She said that her main shock came from not knowing that we were trying. And though she understood that it wasn't my obligation to tell her, she felt hurt that I didn't tell her. I explained that it was my choice, and that I had learned that everyone watching you and wondering was no fun place to be and that is why I chose not to tell anyone. I think I understand how she felt- almost deceived in a way, but I think she came around to understanding that those were her issues and not really reality- which is ok, we are all human, and whether we admit it or not, we sometimes don't think the noblest of thoughts- most of us squish them down and don't say them out loud- but I bet we all think them.

So, this week has been challenging, but also a relief. One of my other potential landmines had a happy ending in that I found out that a good friend is also pregnant. I had been worried about her reaction since she had been trying for a year, but she is only two weeks behind me- so that is great! My only remaining issue is my cousin and his wife who have been trying for for over a year and suffered a miscarriage last year around this time--so I am sure that it will be hard for them to hear, but hopefully good news will be on the way for them soon.

Again, Thanks to all of you for being so happy for me- as you can see, i was in need of some unabashed joy and congratulatory cheer. Big Guy and I feel so lucky and happy and blessed and it is great to be able to share that now!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Exciting News

I am pregnant! After a long 12 weeks (well- Wednesday will be 12 exactly) I am excited to announce that big guy and I are expecting a baby in February! My due date is very close to Magnolia Marriage and Manhattan's which is really fun! For the past three months I have had it pretty easy- I have felt pretty terrible a lot of the time and I have been really exhausted and I have this very strange tailbone pain-which is somehow pregnancy related (anyone have any experience with this?) but I haven't thrown up much at all (only twice) which is very nice. My mom said that she didn't have morning sickness which is probably why I lucked out as well. (Sorry MMM- I know you had a hard time.) Big Guy and I are so excited and have just started to share our good news with family and friends. Unfortunately we have more than our share of sensitive situations to deal with- with family an friends trying and having a difficult time--but we couldn't be happier. My parent's are overjoyed and so are his- I am sure this will be one spoiled baby.

Tagged- embarrassing songs

I was tagged by Magnoliabelle to name 5 songs I like that are a little embarrassing to admit....

1. Stand by your man.. terrible message behind the song- I think she was abused actually, but the song is so pretty!
2. The soundtrack to Sister Act...yeah, I know it is odd....
3. Operator by Jim Croche...Big Guy and I actually sing this one in the car together.
4. Coming to America by Neil Diamond...super cheesy, but you gotta love it.
5. Kelly Clarkson...the whole CD... I love it...what can I say- Breakaway is so catchy...

I tag anyone who wants to do this one!