Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Drugstore Nail Polish

I am loving nail polish this summer. I got the most amazing manicure I have ever gotten for mother's day and my nails have looked great ever since. I just keep re-painting them at home and they continue to look great. The colors I am loving right now aren't even expensive. I got them at the drugstore and had to share since they are my favorites at the moment.

Sinful Colors Professional- Pink: This one is apparently so low-budge that they don't even come up with fancy names. Boring Moniker or not- the color is definitely not boring- it is neon pink!
I am normally not a wild nail color girl at all, but this shade is really fun and flattering and it looks calm indoors and more neon and bright when you are out in the sun. The finish is not shiny, so you need to add a clear coat on top, but once you do it looks great. I felt very J.Crew when wearing this, and for $1.99, you can't beat it.

Revlon Top Speed- Stormy: This color is very very close to Essie's very popular Smokin' Hot.
but for $3, this is a more affordable option. Especially when you haven't worn shades like this before, it is nice to dip a toe in at a lower price point. I love this color and it lasted a long time and even went on very nicely. It made me feel very polished and a tiny bid edgy while still being suitable for summer. Plus people were commenting on my nails all week! Isn't that the best when that happens?

Feel free to share any of your favorite summer nail shades!