Friday, April 25, 2008

Fitness Update!

My goal this week as I re-commit myself to exercising is to walk 25 miles. This is going to be a bit of a challenge since I didn't decide to start this endeavor until Wednesday...but I know I can do it!

Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: 1 mile currently walked 5 more planned for after work.
Saturday: 5 mile walk planned
Sunday: 5.5 mile March for babies walk! I raised $255!!

I plan to continue on the 25 miles per week until August if I can keep it up. If I use all 7 days i only need to walk 3.5 miles a day... which in the summer months is very do-able... my walk home from work is about 2 miles, and I have a treadmill at work, so hopefully I can stay motivated. I read somewhere that to lose weight you need to burn 500 calories for every pound- this way- 5 miles is equal to a I might not be losing a pond a day but I will either be maintaining or losing! Does this make any sense? I feel like I am sounding like a health nut or work out addict but I am just the opposite... but I do love to have a plan...
I will try to do updates each week of how many miles I log...
I have already lost two pounds this week which is great- since I haven't been able to budge the scale by eating healthfully.

Happy thought for the day: There are kind people in the world! My mom got a phone call that one of her kids had lost their day-planner! She called my and my sister- and sure enough I couldn't find my planner-- and the woman had said it was pink and she found it at the post office (where I had been yesterday) This woman took the time to look through the planner and find the numbers I listed in the back-- and saw MOM at the top of the list-- so she decided to call! I was so happy to have my planner back...because it is so cute! and I love to PLAN!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maybe Preppy Pup's bed needs an upgrade...

Is it bad that I kind of love this? I can't bring myself to go to to see how much it actually costs...