Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I am thinking about today

I am still 3 sizes bigger than I should be. I am still in my enormous pants. I am starting to hate these pants.

After my daycare, train pass, bus pass, parking pass, etc, I really only have like $800 left from my paycheck. This working thing is just not working....

I keep seeing all these cute new clothes coming out from J. Crew but I have neither funds nor figure for it all.

My sweet baby H was sleeping when I left this morning so I didn't get to kiss him goodbye. I should have done so when I was feeding him at 5am, but I was too delirious to think of it.

My house is a disaster area...I have no time/energy to clean it and my husband isn't much of a self-starter when it comes to cleaning. The Laundry is piling up- both clean and dirty, I am pretty sure there are bras in my couch and I keep finding ants in my dishwasher!-yuck.

My garden hates me. I planted herbs-rosemary, thyme, cilantro, basil, marjoram, arugula, Boston lettuce, eggplant, tomato and spring onion and none of it seems to be doing anything at all. I had visions of fresh organic produce all summer long--caprese salads plucked from my porch--free and fresh vegetables piled on my counter tops. I am not sure how long I should wait before I start over- I see some green, but not much.

I am such a downer.....being away from H has sucked the life out of me. I gotta snap out of this.