Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Coat!!!

I Love my new coat! I think the color is so flattering with my coloring since I am fair, and I think the darker color will be better for when I have to deal with little sticky grubby hands (So I make sense with my coats but not my furniture color choices-oh well- I have never been rational so why start now.)
I bought the small and it looks a little silly now, since I can't really button it, but I didn't want to buy a medium and then have it be too big for the many years of wear that I hope to get out of it--Let's hope this one last longer than my other one! Big Guy bought me this coat in the Trench color last year and I wore it in the fall and then spring came and the coat started to fall apart! The quilted stitches started to unravel and pardon my demand for quality, but that is just not what I would expect from Burberry. Luckily, Big Guy purchased it at Nordstrom, because I had tossed the receipt because I was sure that I loved the coat and it had been a year since we bought it. Nordstrom was so helpful and made the exchange for me. At first I was upset because I wasn't able to exchange for the same coat- The Trench color now comes with goldish-bronzy buttons that I just didn't care for- so after much debate, I decided to get the Peat color and I love it! Although this time I am KEEPING THE RECEIPT!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Question....

How do I buy a bed? Do you have to go to a separate store for the frame and the mattress--How do I avoid paying an arm and a leg and still get a good bed?
Any thoughts on this would be very helpful....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I Crazy?

I am about to go purchase 2 Settees for my living room and they are white..... They are off-white, maybe ecru to be fair....but still white! ....Am I nuts?

They are gorgeous and they come with a stain warranty- which is nice. But I worry because I am starting to have kids and wonder if I am setting myself up for disaster. My family room, where we'll spend the most time has a sturdy brown microfiber big comfy couch, and these will be more for chatting and sitting by the fire, and Big Guy is so sold on them he won't even look at anything else- and they are GORGEOUS.....

Am I crazy?