Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA

I haven't posted in a while- sorry. I have been so busy and pretty tired too! After Thanksgiving, I was exhausted and it took me a while to recover. Then I had a little pregnancy scare that sent me to the hospital wondering if this was it- was the baby coming early?
Warning TMI ahead:
I was having discomfort for about 12 hours before I called the doctor and asked if I could take anything that might safely assist me in going to the bathroom- I hadn't gone for 3 days and it was starting to be a problem. I would run to the restroom every 15 minutes thinking this was it- I had to go! and then nothing...eventually, it started to be painful and I was having stomach pains and cramps in waves. I called the doctor again, and they said that it could be labor! I am only 31 weeks, so obviously, I would prefer NOT giving birth at this time, but I knew that the baby would most likely be OK- most of my panic was due to the fact that I hadn't mentally prepared for this and that the baby would need help to fully develop- and who wants their baby to have to go through all that. I got to the hospital and fully expected them to examine me and send me home, but they sent me upstairs to Labor and Delivery! When I got up there, I fully expected them to examine me and send me home- but they put me in a gown and in a bed and strapped monitors to me and said that I was having contractions! It was all a little surreal and the whole time I was expecting everything to be a false alarm and no big deal...

Well, it turned out fine- I was not dilating, so the contractions were likely caused by stomach and bowel spasms (I told you this was TMI) and they made me have a procedure that aided in going to the bathroom (again...TMI). It was very uncomfortable and actually kind of humiliating- but I know it was for my own good- and afterwards, I felt so much better and after a day of resting, my contractions are a thing of the past. It was a strange and unpleasant 24 hours, but at least everything worked out and it was a sort of dress rehearsal for the real thing. Now we know where to park, where to go and even how to work the TVs!