Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book Recommendation: Feast of Love

A year or two ago I started reading Feast of Love. I got it as a gift, from a friend of mine who shares of love of reading and literature. I often pass the time on my morning and evening commute to and from work every day by reading. For some reason, I lost track of the book, or started reading something else and as often is the case, life happens and some things fall by the wayside. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the book was being reincarnated as a movie starring Greg Kinnear. It struck me that he was a great casting choice for the main character, and this sent me searching for the book in the depths of my closets and the tops of bookshelves. I soon located it and am now giving it another go. I am not finished, but I really like it, and I am looking forward to seeing the movie. As long as I wait a while between book and movie, and think of them as separate things, I can sometimes appreciate both. Unless of course it is the Da Vinci Code film...which I hated. If anyone is looking for a good read, I am making the recommendation based on the first half. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I should read next?


I am so excited! Tonight we are going to Moto for dinner. I have wanted to go since it opened, but the waiting list is a mile long (6 months-ish for prime dining time). This may explain why our reservations are at 6:30 on a Wednesday. The concept is high style, high science cuisine-- the chef is as much a mad scientist as he is a chef. I saw him on Iron Chef on the FoodNetwork and the things he came up with amazed me. He had edible menus, soup frozen in a sphere that would spontaneously melt at your table, floating food and meat cooked with lazers. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I love food, and I love trying new things, so I am excited to see what it is all about

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shopping Spree!!

My darling husband took me on a shopping spree today! It was so great and I was able to get some much needed basic pieces that will form the basis of my work clothes. Last year, Big Guy's car was broken into, and for some reason, they stole the bulk of my work clothes that sat in a giant laundry bag in his back seat--bound for the dry cleaner. All my favorite blazers, pants, skirts, blouses and sweaters sent in a the end if the season to be cleaned before I stored them away for spring and summer-- and they were gone in one fell swoop. Since then, getting dressed each morning has been less of a joy than it could be. It often ends in a tantrum and tears. Finally after months and months of hearing me complain, my husband offered to buy me some fall clothes to try to put some happiness back into my morning routine. He is so wonderful, and full of surprises! I took pictures of most of the items I purchased today so I could share. Please excuse the less than professional photography and staging.
Part One: Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Brooks Brothers...

Ralph Lauren:

Light Blue Skinny-Fit Polo

Tan V-neck Sweater

Winter white Polo Hoodie Sweater


Cashmere cable-knit polo-style sweater

Cashmere Tee

Brooks Brothers:

Red stripe sweater with Pinstripe blouse

Grey Cable-knit hoodie sweater