Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 Random Things About My Thursday.

1. I am pretty sure my son is sitting in a diaper full of poo...and has been for a while, but there is no way I am waking him up to change it. SLEEP SLEEP!!!! This kid thinks he is 3 months old instead of 3 weeks!

2. I tried to make a cake for Big Guy's birthday, but It seemed a little too daunting- I just couldn't bear to mess up the kitchen- and I seemed to be missing ingredients from each recipe that I found. I feel a little average today- instead of the supermom I would LIKE to be.

3. I ate a whole bar of chocolate pasta with meat sauce...FOR BREAKFAST.

4. H puked on me about 8 times today...and I didn't really change my shirt....hmmmm.

5. I am very excited because I am planning a trip in April. H and I are going to the beach to hang out with my parents!

6. I just put H in the outfit that Big Guy wore as a baby when he came home from the hospital. I thought it would be a sweet gesture for Big Guys Birthday- I hope he likes it!

7. I am making Duck with Black currant sauce for dinner- a favorite of Big Guy's. I am excited to surprise him since he thinks we are having a pizza casserole that we have in the freezer.

8. This morning I thought that there was an explosion in my neighborhood. The whole house shook- I was pretty close to diving under the bed with the baby. I got up and opened the blinds fully expecting things to be on fire....apparently my memory has suffered- because I guess I forgot what thunder sounds like. In my defense- it was really LOUD!

9. A good friend called today to line up a playdate/lunch date for tomorrow. I am excited to get out and interact with the world beyond starbucks and the grocery store. I am also excited that our babies have already hung out a few times and they are both only three weeks old- I hope they get to become friends!

10. It is 7:30 and I am still in my pajamas....Maybe there should have been a shower and outfit change somewhere in my day. Trying to avoid the whole haggard wife look- and I am not sure that I did that today. Oops.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Back!

These past two weeks have been really challenging with my health issues and the lack of sleep and the rushed trips to the pediatrician and all of the craziness that comes with having a baby and also having your body completely give out on you--but I am on the road to recovery. I was diagnosed with a condition called PUPPS which is rarely manifested after pregnancy, but I am always a science project when it comes to my health, so it doesn't surprise me. From what I understand, it all relates to my body trying to process and recover and not being able to handle the 30 lbs of water weight that I lost in the first two weeks. My stomach was so tight due to a lot of amniotic fluid that it burst into a crazy and very itchy case of hives that spread all up and down my arms and legs. It was so wicked and angry that it prompted a dermatologist to take pictures of it! Embarrassing.

They have me on all sorts of antihistamines and even gave me a short burst of steroid treatments (all baby safe) and the rash is actually starting to recede. I am starting to feel normal again little by little and today is my first day alone with Baby H! My mother left early Sunday morning and Big Guy has been back at work for a week now. This morning I was a little worried because it seemed like it was going to be one of those days. H was fussy fussy fussy and I have been up since 5am straight. Usually I get to feed him and then go back to sleep until 8 or 9 when he wakes up and wants to eat again, but he wouldn't fall asleep and kept fussing and crying and then he needed to be changed, and then he spit up, and needed to be cleaned up and then changed again, and then I think his stomach hurt so he was not happy and then he was hungry an hour earlier than I thought he would be so I fed him while balancing my cereal bowl on him...nice mother-huh? Right now he is propped up in his boppy asleep- we have to keep him upright after he eats so he won't projectile vomit all over everything- -this kid's spit up is legendary. Anyway, I wanted to check in and give and update- I am very behind on keeping up with everyone so I am trying to play catch up thins morning. Don't be surprised if I am commenting on old news!
In non-baby related news I made a German Chocolate Cake last week and it was fabulous! I had some issues with overfilling the pans and having the batter bubble over all over my oven, but after some artful trimming it turned out lovely. I think this is my first real triple decker cake and certainly my first non boxed cake. Bug Guy even took the rest to work today to share with friends!
Happy Monday everyone!