Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First Dress for Baby G!

I am almost finished making my first dress for Baby G. I didn't use a pattern and didn't really know what I was making when I started out, but I am very happy with the way it turned out. I even tried a few new details like the little front pleat. Is that a kick pleat?
The fabric I used for the bodice is some of the fabric that I used in her nursery for throw pillows. I designed it myself on Spoonflower. The rest I found in my scrap stash. I still need to try it on her and finish up the back (it is pinned for this photo). Once I can get it on her- I will post some additional photos. I may have to try making this again and doing a tutorial because it was really easy!

Extra Large Tunic Shirt Re-fashion

I bought this extra large tunic shirt for $20 at World Market a month ago because I liked the print so much. I am planning to turn it into an easy breezy summer dress. I am thinking it shouldn't be too hard- just closing up the side vents and tailoring/taking in the sides- maybe doing some sleeve pick-ups? We'll see how ambitious I am.
This pattern is all over World Market and if I could, I would get the matching table umbrella or the outdoor cushions or the trays or plates; or all of it. Did I mention I love this print?!?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog re-vamp

So now that I am back, I am thinking that I need to re-vamp what I am doing here. I still have my same design sense and style, but with the recession and raising two little ones- I just don't have the disposable income to spend on $300 boots and really cute lip gloss. Don't get me wrong... I still love this stuff-- it is just that I am not buying it at the moment, and focusing on all of the stuff I can't have seems like cruel and unusual punishment. So... what will I focus on? I will still be posting cute stuff that I am lusting over from time to time, but I also hope to produce some valuable content too. Maybe some tutorials, features on stuff I make, projects I am doing, and maybe even some helpful hints that I come across. I also plan to change up the look of the blog, so you can look for that to come soon as well. A new look for a new focus-- I am excited!