Friday, January 16, 2009


Big Guy is very concerned because my last post made it seem like he stole a chicken from me- He asked me to make it clear that he is not stealing food from his pregnant wife. I served myself first and he simply finished the rest. I was still surprised that he could eat most of a chicken in one sitting, however, it isn't like he took it out of my hands. So funny- he laughed when I read him the post, and said I made him sound like a such a jerk. I re-read it and realized that the way I wrote it--- he did seem like a chicken stealer. Now I am hungry again.....

On a serious note- I just checked in on Kellys Korner and things are not going well. She was induced this morning and was doing just fine- she was even blogging through her labor-- but now it seems like things have gone wrong. The baby is having trouble breathing and is in intensive care- Kelly is also not doing as well as they would like- If everyone could say a little prayer- or keep them in your thoughts or whatever you feel comfortable doing- It can't hurt to send out good thoughts. It was a little scary to read about this--especially when you forget that labor is a serious thing and isn't always easy or predictable. It was kind of a wake-up call for me- I really need to take better care of myself for the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weather AGAIN! Random post about my day

Chicago is once again plunged into a bevy of winter weather activity! It stinks. Big Guy and I were in traffic for two and a half hours today on the way to work. As soon as I got into the office I felt like it was time to leave again for my 11:30 doctor appointment.

On that front, it looks like everything is tracking correctly and everything seems normal. Baby's head is down- which was no surprise to me since I think I feel it sometimes- and he seems like the right size! I am a different story. I have gained almost 10 lbs in the past two weeks! my pants are actually a bit snug now in the rear and they have been baggy and saggy the whole time! I know that the last 4 weeks of pregnancy is not the time to worry about being thin, but you just hate to see that scale jump so much!

Additionally, Big guy and I watched an instructional DVD last night about how to work our new Canon 50D. I know this makes us complete dorks, but it is a really informative DVD, it isn't boring and the whole things actually explains all of the tricky stuff like aperture and depth of field and shutter speed in a way that you can absorb. If anyone has a Canon that they would like to learn more about I would recommend the series of instructional DVDs- I am pretty sure he has them for all the different models and I think it was around $20. This is MUCH cheaper than some of the very expensive classes that are out there. I am really enjoying learning about this, and hope that it can be a mini hobby for Big guy and me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really cold here and we have relaxed start times and departure times at work so that we can avoid the cold and stay safe on the roads- Big Guy just called and told me about a deal at whole foods where you get pizza on Wednesday nights for $11 or something like that. Last night there was a deal for a whole chicken for $5 and we stopped to get that- it was pretty good, but all I got was one breast and Big Guy ate the whole rest of the chicken!!! Does that seem right! I am the one who is eating for me and the baby- I should get more food! Big guy is such a human garbage disposal sometimes. I suppose I shouldn't complain-I made myself a whole huge plate of broccoli and he did buy me chocolate gelato which I very much enjoyed.

Sorry about the random post- I wasn't overly inspired today and just felt like rambling. i hope everyone is staying warm!

(By the way- message for Well I do Declare- I can't get into your blog- you may have to resend my invite if it is not too much trouble.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gift Ideas

In the comments of my last post, Momx2 (soon to be x3) gave me a great idea. She suggested a small gift for the labor and delivery nurses that will be caring for me when the little guy decides to arrive. I love this idea, simply because I love to give gifts and I love to feel put together and prepared. Has anyone done this or thought about doing this? Can anyone give me any unique, creative or thoughtful ideas? Are there any readers who are nurses? What would you love to get from a patient? Any help would be much appreciated. Anyone just feeling creative?

Monday, January 12, 2009

SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!

I have reached new levels of exhaustion! I am so tired and it doesn't look like my work-load is slowing up at all. I honestly don't know if I can keep up the pace until the baby comes, but that is what I need to do to get it all done! Yikes!

This weekend flew by but I managed to get a few things done.
I am still packing my Hospital bag, but made some cute purchases in preparation for the big day.

Along with Shampoo, face wash cloths, toothpaste, body wash and all of that stuff, I wanted to pack a nightshirt or over sized tee-shirt in case I was uncomfortable in the gown that they provide at the hospital. I chose this cute little number because I thought it would look cute, I know it will probably get trashed, and I know that I am probably insane to think it even matters- but whatever. I am prepared in the event that I want something to wear other than that gaping back-drafty gown.

Then for recovery, I figured that my boobs would be huge and I would feel a little self conscious if I had visitors, so I wanted to get something comfy and not revealing. Plus, when I was in the hospital with my false alarm, I was freezing the whole time, so I wanted something that was a little cozy. I got this because it was comfy, big guy liked the yellow, and it has a few buttons to allow for nursing.

Then I picked out a cute little lounge set for when I get home and just need comfy, roomy PJs that don't make me feel ugly.
These two tops coordinate with these pants.

Am I over-thinking all of this? Probably, but I like being overly prepared. The only thing I still need is the going home outfit for the baby. I have one in case he is big- 0-3 months sized, but not if he is newborn sized. I still need to find that- and a diaper bag, and a fitted sheet for the crib. I just want plain white for the fitted, so it shouldn't be too hard. We have about 4 more weeks- unless he comes early which every other person seems to think is going to happen!! Leave me alone people- I know my bump is large. I am short and even shorter-waisted! There is nowhere for this guy to go except straight out and that is what he is doing. I swear from the back you wouldn't know I was pregnant and then when I swing my massive midsection around it comes out of nowhere! Someone actually said they had never seen someone his big...How RUDE!