Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Glad to be back

So the Cruise was a bust! We HATED it...it was tacky, awful, and decidedly un-preppy. The Food was terrible, the people were bordering on unbearable, the decor was circa 1995 and the way they try to shamelessly nickle and dime you was insulting. I hated almost everything- NO! I do not want to buy a gold chain by the inch off a spool. NO, I do not want to watch a hairy chest competition. NO, I do not want to buy a soda card for $40. NO! I don't want to do the YMCA on the Lido deck! AND NO I DO NOT WANT MY HAIR BRAIDED!!!!!!!

It was terrible. The only part we liked was the 24 hours we spent in Old San Juan before the cruise started, and a couple of the excursions we went on- one where there weren't many people and we got to drive our own boat to a small deserted island was particularly cool.

Other than that it was not my cup of tea. I am sorry if there are people out there who love cruising- you only need assume that you went on a much nicer one than I did.