Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Most Beautiful Coat

This is the coat I am campaigning for. It is going better than expected. At this rate, by November my husband will be all for it! (maybe I shouldn't hold my breath?)

Seriously, though, every year on bonus day I go straight to Burberry after work and look at the winter coats, and every year I am disappointed because they don't have a muted plaid coat that season. I fell in love with the coat Ashley Judd wore in Someone Like You-(great movie)

Ever since I have been hoping Burberry would bring back the muted plaid...and FINALLY they have!


suburban prep said...

That is a great coat for the Chicago area.

MFP said...

I love this coat. Unfortunately, in my excitement over my new car, I told my husband I would give up the dream if I could have he slightly nicer car..I am an idiot.