Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pre-Christmas Getaway

Tomorrow we're off to Naples, FL to have some fun and sun before the actual holiday. We are returning Christmas Eve day just in time for Big Guy's family get together full of games and grab bags--not really my cup of tea but I am trying to be agreeable since it is, after all, the holiday season and 'giving' is the whole idea. It was decided that Big Guy did not need a Christmas gift this year since we treated himself to a ridiculously expensive stereo system a few weeks ago. However, I have a problem with spoiling those I love and have proceded to pick him up several "small" gifts that have some how snowballed and racked up quite a price tag. Oh well, what are you gonna do, right? He does have a birthday in February, but I had hoped to get him a few shirts from j. Crew with his monogram-- which I really think he would enjoy.

My concept for his gift started off as an idea that I would get him a cute outfit. I wanted to go to Filene's on State Street since they always have large sizes (BG is 6'5" and weighs close to 260lbs- he is built like a big football player, though he never played). But as it always goes, the minute I actually want to buy something, it is nowhere to be found. ! I ended up getting him a Charcoal Herringbone blazer from J. Crew and some cute casual shoes from Patagonia and so now I just need a cute shirt and maybe a pair of pants or cute jeans? Then I also saw this cute courduroy blazer and had to get it for him-because it seemed like such a deal! So if anyone has any ideas about what shirts to pair with the blazers- I would love some ideas!

Happy Holiday's Everyone!


suburban prep said...

Timberland or LL Bean had some denimish shirts that would look good under the blazers. I am sorry that I can not remember.
I bought a great plaid shirt for hubby for Christmas from LL Bean and got it at a great price as well.
The other place you might try is the Hart Shafner and Marks just opened an outlet in Des Plaines (or so I read in the Trib this morning). They will be closed on Mon and Tues (12/24 & 12/25).
Mark Shale had a sale going on as well. Also Nordstrom's Men's Half yearly begins the day after Christmas (I worked for them quite a bit ago).

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Hope you had a great trip, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!