Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So NOT Fair!

I am totally and utterly crushed at the moment. My Best friend from home called me and told me about a great flight deal for both her city and mine down to Florida. My parents own a place right on the beach- as you can see from the photo- and it is basically a free vacation once you get down there because you can walk everywhere- the island is only 11 miles long and maybe a mile wide. Anyway it is empty and I am always welcome to go, but between work and other obligations and trying to find good flight deals that DON'T stop in Atlanta (which always seems to have delays- I know O'Hare is just as bad!) I can never seem to find the time. Anyway, the flight was fantastic...leaving this Friday afternoon and returning Monday....AND I CAN'T GO! I am just far too behind at work and I know it would look bad to take Monday and part of Friday off, but it doesn't make it any easier! I wanted to have one last hurrah before my friend starts trying to get pregnant, and this mini trip would get me out of the FREEZER that is Chicago at the moment. PLUS my husband took it upon himself to plan a guy's weekend at MY FAMILY's LAKE HOUSE- to which I am obviously not invited! So I get to spend Thursday-Sunday all by myself...which I am sure to those of you with Kids- that sounds great, but for me it just sound s BOOORing and Cold! Sorry, for the downer post...I will recover.


TCP said...

Considering that I would probably sell a body part to go somewhere warm right now, I sympathize. It isn't fair!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

SO not fair. Hey, I'm stuck here this winter myself, we can feel left out together!!! :(