Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best Friend's Bachelorette and Wedding Prep

I am preparing for on of my best friends' wedding in September and I am the maid of honor. This means that I am supposed to throw a shower and the bachelorette party. Well, she lives in Louisville, so I didn't throw her a shower- which I feel a little bad about- but she was one of my two maids of honor in my wedding and she didn't throw me a shower so I think it is ok. PLUS I did drive 5 hours to be at her shower two weeks ago and now I am going back again to throw the Bachelorette party.

The picture above is my file for her wedding. Since I am far away, I tried to be helpful with ideas and input and searching for websites and pictures. I am very excited to see how things turn out.

This weekend we are gathering at a friend's house in Louisville and the tables will be covered in pink tablecloths and little brown ribbon runners with pink polka dots will add a little pizazz. I am also planning to have wine glasses on the table with pink napkins sticking out for a little flair. plus pink and brown balloons. I bought silver trays for the heavy apps; we're having a mini food theme. I am making mini tacos, mini pizzas, mini burgers and mini pigs in a blanket. I might also do an artichoke dip and maybe some sort of cheese spread. After food and drinks at the house we are getting picked up in the limo and taken to 4th street which is a whole area of bars that is under a huge Vegas type roof. It is kind of cheesy, but always fun. The whole thing will be a little hard for me because I have been so tired lately and stressed about trying to find a house that I have been a little worried about running out of gas. I really want to be fun for my friend.

I will be excited to take pictures of how everything turns out. Everyone is suppose to wear pink and brown to match the color scheme and I bought cheepie pink leis for everyone to wear.

I also need to come up with a pink signature drink for the party- if anyone has any ideas- please let me know!


Muffy said...

How exciting!!! Sounds like fun!

A Belle and her Beau said...

at one of my showers we had a pink signature drink that they called the "blushing bride".

1 1/2 ounces of peach schnapps in a martini glass
Fill glass with chilled pink lemonade
Garnish with mint

Super easy and very tasty!!!

preppy little dress said...

sounds like fun, i love l'ville! a couple of my sorority sisters grew up there and i went down for both of their weddings! it's beautiful down there - church hill downs and the mall of st. matthew! have fun! as far as your post on my blog - wisconsin is great, but there's a lot more across the lake! ha! ha! you have the lower SE michigan coastline of towns, traverse city, charlevious, bay harbor, mackinaw island, etc....definitely put michigan on your destination list! the drive isn't that bad either! love your blog and again have fun down in l'ville! have a shot of bourbon for me - not, that's right your are preggers. hee! hee!

The Mrs. said...

Pommegranitini! Oprahs fave drink! You are doing a great job. It's hard when your pregnant!!!

Anonymous said...

I always like old style hollywood cocktails - what about a variant on a pink gin (gin with angosyura bitters) or the imperial - gin, vermouth, angostura, maraschino juice and a green olive), or a variant on the ramos gin fizz with maraschino instead of the organge flower water, or singapore slings... I could go on and on - it all depends on what time of day the drinking will take place!!