Monday, September 8, 2008

Preppy Accessories: Cute Key Fobs

I usually don't respond to emails sent to my blog about products or merchandise--unless of course I happen to like the product independently. I was poking around a website that I learned of through an email and discovered these ADORABLE Key Fobs- and at $6, you could honestly order a couple of them!!! I think the colors are really cute and they seem lighthearted, preppy and girly. They almost have a Lilly feel to them. Anyway, I thought they were cute and I wanted to share. You can find them at Ann Veronica.

They also had this really cute racquet cover, but I might need to get better at tennis before I spend money on a really cute cover.


preppy little dress said...

cute key fobs, great price! love the tennis racket covers too!

Clara Belle said...

i MUST have the key fobs!

Love the blog by the way!

A Belle and her Beau said...

the tennis raquet covers are adorable!

SLS said...

Thanks for sharing, those are so cute! I am going to go check out that site right now!

Kiki said...

These are reallllly cute, I had a big silver lowercase "b" for my last name on my keychain, but it kept banging against the car when I would get near the car door.

This might be the perfect work around!!!

thepreppyprincess said...

What cute things! We have been over at the website for Ann Veronica looking at ll of the goodies! Thank you for posting the pictures, they convinced us we needed to do a little online window-shopping.

Hope you have a stellar rest of the weekend!