Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Big Guy called me after he dropped me off this morning to say that my sweet little Volvo wagon had fallen victim to one of the city's most vicious winter headaches...A GIANT POTHOLE! The thing popped my tire! I am so glad I wasn't in the car, because I am sure that it would have sent me into a fit of tears. Plus, Big Guy said he waited forever for roadside assistance, since he couldn't get the tire off. This sounds like it is going to be expensive, and don't think that I kid myself enough to think we will see a dime from the city....
All this on a day when I have been having contractions all morning- they aren't regular at all and they are all over the map strength-wise. Last night we totally thought the baby might be on his way when there was a little "show" happening (sorry TMI) and contractions for a few hours- but again, they never seemed to fall into line and get regular, and then they just stopped around 11:00pm, so I went to sleep. Then this morning they are back, and I even had three really strong ones, but they seem to come and go with no rhyme or reason. I lost my you know what last week as of Wednesday, and yesterday, my Doctor told me I was dilated 2cms and 50% effaced, but when I look that up- there are people who said they went into labor in the next few hours and there are some who didn't go for weeks! I love being in limbo---sarcasm.
Sorry I am so baby focused lately-all this waiting and wondering is a little maddening. I wish I could think of some other preppy, peppy, happy things to post about!
I will try to come up with something else this afternoon!


suburban prep said...

All the best these next few days.
I do hope that the pot hole mess with your car isn't too expensive.
Hubby and I were doing the Chicago obstacle course on Sunday. A few weeks before we saw 6 cars over on the side due to pot holes on the roads.

Mom x 2 said...

Oh no. The potholes this year are horrible. Definitely file a claim with the city! I saw a pothole at the intersection of Hollywood and LSD and I swear it was there for at least 4 weeks - it could have swallowed a car whole, it was so large. It's ridiculous!

TCP said...

Ugh--the pot holes are SO bad this year!! The city has got to start doing something about them...it's so dangerous!

Hang in there...I know this part of pregnancy is so hard. It won't be much longer!!