Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunch shame

I am totally eating a chicken burrito for lunch right now... I am totally grossing myself out. I am usually very healthy on weekdays and especially at lunch- I usually have soup or salad- or sometimes leftover stir fry from the night before- usually it is light and fresh...but for some reason today-- I ordered a CHICKEN BURRITO- I am never going to lose this baby weight if I keep this up. I am half laughing half crying.....but mostly laughing because the burrito is good.


Bella said...

ha ha, thanks for a funny post that totally made me laugh out loud :)

Kiki said...

Oh that is so funny...I have been addicted to something completely out of character for me....Lean Cuisine Baja Chicken Wrap....yum!!!

Anonymous said...

I am eating cupcakes for dinner.

JUST cupcakes...I had too many leftover and do not have the energy to prepare something real. Please take comfort in knowing that you couldn't possibly be doing any worse than me.