Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family Matters

Now that I have my car, I need to make more of an effort to hang out with my Grandmothers. My Grandmother Teri on the right is so funny. She loves wine and cheese parties, flowers, the beach, and has always been a major style icon for me. My Grandmother Betty on the left is a total nut. She is always looking for work to do no matter what. When you aren't looking, she'll wash and fold your laundry before you know it. She'll rake your yard for fun and then she will stain your front porch and wash your dishes. She is funny and totally turning into an opinionated lil' old lady. I think I might pick her up on Saturday mornings and take her to breakfast. She loves McDonald's Coffee. Isn't that too funny? I need to remember to make time for them now before I start to have kids and things get really crazy and busy.

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