Thursday, September 20, 2007

Married Life

Yesterday marked 4 months of being married for my husband and me. I hadn't mentioned this to the big guy (BG going forward), but was aware of it because my friends emailed me with congratulations and happy thoughts during the day. Sometimes I realize that I have great friends. Too bad hardly any of them live within 4 hours of me! ANYWAY...We had plans to go to dinner at a new restaurant that had just opened in our neighborhood. The place is an Asian Fusion concept that blends dishes from Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, The Philippines, China and Vietnam. It was such a cute place and had such great design. You could tell they were still working out the kinks, because there were a few things on their menu that weren't available (The entire Sushi section), but the service was friendly and attentive. We had assumed that they would have wine, but found out that they are BYOB while applying for a liquor license. Since we both felt like a chilled white wine, BG decided to run to the store down the street and pick up a bottle (or two!). When he returned, he had two bottles of Chardonnay(which I hate--but who cares) and a card!!!! It was so sweet! Inside he had written, "4 Months!!! I love that there is a long road in front of us. Love, Your Husband." I was so floored. 4 months isn't even a recognized anniversary! I can't believe he even thought to buy a card! We had a great time trying new things and drinking wine and talking and having a slow leisurely dinner together.
Then we walked home holding hands and watched Groundhog Day in bed.

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