Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Purchases at Philosophy!

As promised I wanted to let you know about the great stuff I bought this weekend. My skincare regime leaves much to be desired and as terrible as it is there are many nights where I go to bed with make-up on. (I KNOW I KNOW!...really bad...and gross...I am aware) So I came to the realization that my youth will not last forever and that although I look young now and have been repeatedly humiliated in liquor stores by many an overzealous store manager itching to catch some under-agers, I am on the cusp of the age where things start to happen fast and I am told and your skin and eyes are the first to go.

Interjection: One funny story about not looking my age to share just because it is funny. I was attending a basketball game a few years ago at the high school I attended back in my home town. After the game a man came up to me and said, wow, you have got to be *MP*'s little sister- you look just like her! To which I replied- " um...I AM *MP*!" The man looked dumbfounded and all he said was "what'd you do? go to college and get younger?"........yes awkward, but true story.

Anyway! Since I have noticed the rosiness in my cheeks beginning to fade and seen the sneaky hints of lines forming like parentheses around my mouth, I have become acutely aware that something must be done to stave of the inevitable. So I bought stuff!!!!

My first Purchase was Purity made simple, a face wash, moisturizer and makeup remover in one and it leaves my face feeling incredibly soft. i really like it.

I also got the best Lip gloss ever- called Kiss me- it really improves the condition of my lips and has a minty taste that I really like. I am a bit of a lip balm enthusiast so I was really excited to find one that is pretty and functional at the same time.

I also got this Cinnamon Buns shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. I didn't think this stuff would be that great, but it feels incredibly silky and rice and smells FANTASTIC! I even put it in my hair which seemed strange, but it worked surprisingly well! I also purchased some "on the spot treatment for those lone pimples I seem to get once a month, and some eye cream that I can already tell is working. I love getting new products, especially when I feel like they contribute to a better me!


Tammy B said...

I use the Philosophy On a Clear Day line. I'm 40ish and I still have teenage skin. Will the zits ever go away. I have been pleased with all of the Philosophy products that I have tried.

suburban prep said...

Totally a Philosophy girl.
I use Purity all the time and so many of their other products.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Fun! Don't you love getting new products. Enjoy.