Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scheduling my Saturdays!

This past weekend was really enjoyable in part thanks to my new Pink Leather Planner. I really coveted the ones at J.Crew, but couldn't stomach the $65.00 price tag, and Barnes & Noble had nothing at all, so I took a tip from a blog that I found here and checked out the Marshall's just off of Michigan Ave. JACKPOT! There was one planner just sitting there-like it was waiting for me. It may as well have had my name on it. It was the only one left and it was PERFECT! So now I write out my plans and keep them nice and tidy. It has even had the unexpected effect of prompting me to schedule events when I would have previously gone home to sit on my butt and watch CSI:Miami (sick indulgence -I know!).

So it was because of my planner that I scheduled my Saturday. I started of with Bikrim Yoga at 10:00am with Katie and then met Stacey at 5:00pm for Mini-facials at the Philosophy counter at Nordstrom- where I bought some great stuff that I will share with you in the next post-directly to follow. We left with skin glowing and make-up expertly applied for an evening out and met our husbands for dinner at De La Costa. It was fantastic and the whole day felt so pampered and very urban-chic.

Too bad all Saturdays can't be so posh. Maybe they can with the help of my new planner!


Tickled Pink & Green said...

Is it a Gallery agenda? I have that same one. I think I'm the one who told MMM to get one at Marshalls. ;-)

I love mine. Now if I could just get more organized.

Anne-Toireasa said...

Cinnamon Buns is one of a few very insignificant things that keep me going haha. It's the little things right? I'm glad you enjoy it :-)