Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby on the Brain!

Tomorrow marks 23 weeks down and 17 to go! That kind freaks me out because I am an inconsistent rounder. Big Guy is always laughing at the way I skip forward. I see 17 weeks to go and all I can think of is-- that is close to 12 weeks which was really no time at all!!! I have so much to do and so many decisions to make! It is a little daunting and after an unsatisfying stroller test drive last night, I started crying in the car. Big Guy didn't understand why I was so wrapped up in the stroller until he realized that it was the bigger picture that had me all worked up. The stroller wasn't the issue, it was the stroller decision- and how do I make the right one that represented ALL of the other decisions I have to start making! I just want to make the right choices and everything is so expensive that I can't afford to make a big mistake. I need to choose a crib that is safe and durable and pretty all in one and the same for the stroller and the car seat and I need to figure out childcare for when I go back to work, and I need to choose the wall color for the nursery which means I need to choose the bedding pretty soon as well.

Now I know some of you are thinking- hey, that isn't what having a baby is about, and believe me- I am well aware. I have the baby in my belly- I understand all of that! That isn't the part that worries me because I KNOW that I will love the baby and I know that we are going to do everything that we can to give him all that he needs and raise him to be kind and polite and loving and chivalrous and thoughtful and amazing- call me crazy but that doesn't worry me much because I know how much we love him already and he isn't even born! What has me stressed out is all the stuff I have looked forward to making just perfect and pretty and fun since I was a young girl. I have looked forward to picking out this stuff for so long that the decision now seems daunting! I just don't want to waste all of our money on a bad product and have to replace it.

On a less stressful note- I needed to cheer myself up by making some easy decision purchases, so I snagged these at a bargain!

I actually got the sweater in navy with red stripes but couldn't find the picture online.

The actual Polo I found had more Navy with the red and white stripes. Big Guy has the same shirt so I couldn't resist.

I had some questions for the Mums and Mums-to-be out there. Do you have any thoughts on my top two stroller pics. Please be gentle if you hate them both- but still give it to me straight.

My top three choices are the Uppa Baby Vista, the Quinny Buzz and the Bugaboo Chameleon. I really liked the Chameleon until I tried to fold it and unfold it. I am not strong/coordinated enough to do that multiple times a day. It seemed like that was a stroller for those who don't need to put it up and down much. Then I was really sold on the Quinny, but I was worried about functionality since there are many many moving parts, and the wheels are air filled- but I loved the way it worked and handled. Then I saw the Uppa Baby which seemed to combine the best of both strollers- its adjustments were smooth instead of jerky and awkward. It looks utilitarian yet preppy, much like the Bugaboo, but it folds up as easy as those BOB strollers everyone likes.

Top Choice: UPPA BABY. This seemed to have the look that I like- but with a little more ease of use. It looks like the Bugaboo, but acts like the Quinny

The Quinny Buzz: Easy to maneuver and unfolds with one touch

The Bugaboo Chameleon: Stylish and durable with lots of adjustments and millions of color options


Muffy said...

OOOOH! Great baby finds!

Mom x 2 said...

You need the book: Baby Bargain Secrets. That book is a godsend when you're buying baby items or registering. It doesn't give you the cheap options - it gives you the best VALUE options. So it might recommend the Bugaboo, but it will tell you exactly why, etc. I bought their #1 crib choice because it was the safest and also $300, instead of $800. Check that book out - get the most recent updated version. It's a lifesaver.

I don't have a lot of advice for you on the stroller as I have an old Peg Perego from my first kid. But my sense is that the Bugaboo is a great stroller but more for around the neighborhood or for city moms who don't have to put it in a car all the time. Most likely you'll want/need more than 1 stroller. I have the Peg that stays in the back of the Volvo for trips to the mall, zoo, museums, etc. And then I have a jogger that is for around the neighborhood. I also have an umbrella stroller for travel. Do what is easiest on you! Remember that you'll have to fold and unfold that stroller a lot without your husband's help - so get something YOU can do on your own.

Best wishes and good luck! I know it feels overwhelming sometimes, but take it easy on yourself! You're going to be a great mom. You already are!

Jen said...

No your totally normal and I'm so glad you feel the same way! I just had this same melt down last week. A good friend of mine has the Uppa baby and loves it.

MMM said...

I had this meltdown on Sunday. You are not alone. =) My hubby finally realized all the tears were not about the "glider" it was more about me wanting to get everything right. I have Baby Bargains and it is a great book--you can take what you want out of it. I tend to be one that will make my own opinion, then research all the options and normally get back to my orginal opinion (if that's what I really want). As far as strollers, we are getting the Bugaboo Camellon...but we don't have a car and we live in NYC. I need those tires for the snow and park! If we have to take a cab somewhere, we will probably just take him in his infant seat so I don't plan on having to fold it up everyday. Pick the best option for you! Can't wait to hear what you pick!

CRICKET said...

It is such a joyful time and overwelming. I was actually going to blog about strollers this week because I picked up my 4th earlier in the week. If you are remotely thinking about having another baby in the next 2 years I would put some of your money towards a good double stroller. The single stroller may become obsolete. MomX2 makes some good points. Overall you want something easy to use, not too heavy, and fits your lifestyle. We have two jogger strollers. One is just a jogger and the other is a double jogger that also works behind a bike. We have a traditional stroller that a car seat goes into and then I just bought a lightweigh umbrella stroller to take on a trip this weekend.

The Mrs. said...

I was exactly the same way when I was pregnant with Landon. I so understand! Every choice seems huge! I love all the mclaren strollers myself, don't like the modern ones!!!

Kiki said...

Well no advice on a stroller, but I can send my sister over to your blog...she is expecting twins!!! She already has a two year old son...

So a funny story to make you smile... my sweet husband and I (who do not have children) were walking in the mall parking lot when a very frazzled grandmotherly looking woman, with a stroller tipped on its side asked if we could help her collapse it. The baby was in the car and she couldn't figure it out....Ken closed it with the flick of a wrist and she couldn't have been more grateful...

One more thing, in my family we are all super tall, make sure that whatever stroller you get it is high enough for you both...otherwise the strain on the back makes it agony to push!!!