Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am so hungry today!!! I have already eaten half of my lunch and it is only 11:42am. I have a pizza bagel that is sitting on my desk staring at me and I just want to rip into it. I am trying to hold off until at least noon so that I won't be starving in another hour-- but who am I kidding. I probably will be anyway. It is funny that this hunger thing just kicked in this week. Maybe it is the lack of sunlight? The Windy City is pretty dark and dismal today.

I am really looking forward to tonight. We are going to dinner for an early birthday celebration for Big Guy. He is so funny. He figured we would all be busy with baby once his birthday came around at the end of February, and his parents are going on a trip, so he casually suggested to his family that we have dinner together to celebrate. I visited the restaurant last weekend and really liked it, so I am excited to go back. I will let you know how my second experience goes- I really like to give credit where it is due for great service and great food.

Today I am feeling less than inspired like many of my blog friends, but i wanted to post about something so that people didn't wonder if I was having the baby! I can't wait for this week to end! I can't believe I have to work again tomorrow. At least some friends of mine are taking me to lunch as a sort of send off before the baby- I think we are hitting Nordstrom Cafe for some soup, salad and scones! Do you like how everything I talk about keeps coming back to food?


CRICKET said...

My 2 cents is to enjoy food now because it will be the last thing you will think about once the baby comes!

Kiki said...

Food is all I can think about lately and I am not pregnant, I keep blaming it on the fact that it is winter and traditionally our ancestors packed on weight as insulation against the cold...yeah, I'm not buying that either!!! Hee Hee

Enjoy your fun dinner and I hope you have a great time Nordstom Cafe...I miss that place!!!

The Mrs. said...

Have fun tonight! We are staying in and watching movies. I say eat all you want mama!