Friday, January 23, 2009

Good News!

The ultrasound revealed that the baby is head-down! This is great news for me because I was not looking forward to the recovery time involved with a C-section. I know that the alternative isn't a walk in the park either, but I was a little unnerved by the thought of being cut open while awake. I have issues with needles anyway and this seemed like too much! Let's not even talk about the epidural- I prefer to remain in denial for the time being. If I think about it too much I will just get all worked up and freak out. We are talking about a girl who just had her first non-hysterically crying shot at 28 years old. I am a baby- I know it. It is all psychological- and I am getting better.

On a lighter note. It is finally the weekend and I am so relieved. I have a hair appointment on Monday and I can't wait to get rid of these TERRIBLE roots. Once I get my hair in order, I can really feel OK with having the baby at any time--which of course with my luck means having to be induced on the 21st because I will be 10 days over-due. Positive thoughts!

I am hoping to get a few more things for the baby this weekend like the diaper pail, the bouncy seat and maybe even the swing. I ordered the monitor today- anyone have a baby monitor that they love-- or even one that they hate? We just did the best we could research-wise and hoped that we picked a good one. Any perspective on this is welcome.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Mom x 2 said...

I just have the crappy walkie-talkie old-fashioned type monitor but my SIL swears by the video monitors and honestly, I wish I had purchased them with #1, but by the time #2 came along I didn't feel I could justify the expense (I didn't know I'd be having a #3!). You might look into it if it would make you feel better. Our home is old and the floors squeak - it would have been nice to see the baby moving around without walking into the nursery and chancing him waking up.

Such good news about your ultrasound!!

preppy little dress said...

awesome news, good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

Some Like it Southern said...

So happy to hear that the baby is head down! I know you are relieved! I would be too! I am horrified at the thought of having an c-section - horrified! So I can understand your excitement that baby is head down!

I don't really have any advice on the monitor. We received one as a gift and I hope it works well!

Hope you are able to get everything accomplished and continue to feel well!

The Mrs. said...

I am so glad!!! I got my hair blonded last week and I felt like a million bucks!

AEO said...

So glad he is still head down. I can only imagine how relieved you are. Best wishes to you and your hubby in the next month- I hope that it's a great one!!

StylishSuburban said...

so happy to hear things are progressing as they should.
Keep us posted! No ideas on the baby monitor I know most of my friends have video ones which are cool so you can hear and see the baby.

Mrs.Preppy said...

Good news from your sono!

I have no advice regarding the monitor. What kind of stroller system did you get? I pick one out, then change my mind. I want one that I can hook the car seat into, but I hate the huge bulky systems.

TCP said...

I swear by the Fisher Price baby papasan chair for a bouncy seat. It was the only place that TCP Toddler would sleep when he was tiny. We had the sony monitor and it was totally fine. Nothing fancy, but it never had problems with inteference.

Great news about the ultrasound!!

Mossback Meadow said...

I know that's a big relief to you.

You don't *have* to be induced. You don't *have* to do anything. Nobody stays pregnant forever.My 4th baby was born 20 days after her due date. All was well, and she was a whopping 7 lbs 15 oz.