Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Predator II

Did I mention that my stomach looks like the monster from Predator 2? It is awful. It looks like a wrinkled veiny shriveled and deflated balloon and because on my polyhydramnios (too much liquid in my belly) and the PUPPS (crazy rash that causes skin the tear/stretch) I have the ugliest marks around my belly button. It isn't pretty. I keep rubbing vitamin E on them because I have seen how well it helps scars to fade but at present, it looks terrible.

Plus I have no idea, and no clothes that are appropriate to dress this new FAT middle that I have going on. I know I need to be patient, but this is going much too slowly for my sanity!
I thought breast feeding was supposed to melt off my pounds. I lost 30 lbs of water in the first two weeks, but I feel like I haven't made any progress since! Any tips for me?


Lea Liz said...

I know exactly how you feel! I had the rash too, it was so bad! My somrach looks the same and you just can't rush it I guess. I gained 60 lbs and have lost about 45.. invest in a pair of spankx they do wonders!!

MMM said...

I still have a long ways to go too! Hope there are some good suggestions. I'm trying to figure out how to "diet" without dieting since I'm breastfeeding too. Good luck!!!

Kiki said...

If I may be so bold, as a non mommy to comment...I think that lately a lot of women are so hard on themselves and losing the baby weight...I meet women every day who beat themselves up over the weight they are trying to lose after having a baby, it is so hard for me to lose weight and I didn't even give birth. Don't be too hard on yourself, give it time and you will get where you want to be...as lovely as you were before.

Pink Flamingo said...

Oh, your little guy is just darling…the photos of him at the B.G. are simply adorable!

I know it is hard, but try not to beat yourself up or compare you to other moms…especial the celebrity ones. With winter coming to an end here in this windy city, you will be able to get outside more for walks, jogs or bike rides. I can completely sympathize and relate to your situation. The best advice I can give you is Pilates classes and Spanx. Pilates has been a true lifesaver for me especially after having my second diva. You have to give yourself time and be patient. Hang in there and good luck.

Lilian said...

Ditto Lea Liz on the Spanx. I used Carol's Daughter and Bio Oil on my belly, and 9 months later my belly doesn't look as bad as it did before. The 'mauled lion' look definitely takes getting used to!
Also, breastfeeding does take down your weight a whole bunch! It's still early for you, and honestly 30lbs of water weight is a lot! Good luck with everything, and your son is adorbs!

The Mrs. said...

I am so with you! Having the same issues!!! I am using the mustela post preggy products...no idea if it works. I am also starting to wear a stomach brace, I heard this does wonders. You can get really serious ones at design veronique. I think you need to train the belly!