Monday, June 8, 2009

Currently Reading

I have recently started tearing through books again during my pump time and my train commute, so in total, I get to read for about 2 and a half hours a day- which is amazing, but books don't last long. I will try to share my thoughts on the books I am reading or have read recently.

Girls in Trucks
Not quite done with this one yet, but the minute I started it I was totally sucked in. I really forget I am reading and almost feel as if I am watching a movie. While this isn't totally deep or Pulitzer prize worthy, it is like a big comfy chair that you can get lost inside. I am really enjoying this story of southern bred debutantes and their wild adventures, love affairs and family drama. This would be a great vacation book or a beach read or even a nice way to relax and have some"me time."
The Book Borrower
This book is odd. It requires a little patience as it isn't action packed, and is more of a character study, but I like it. The book is about friendship and how it could be the most important theme in your life-weaving itself inextricably through your family, your relationships, your children and even your vision of yourself. Although parts of the book led me to think that the main character was a bit too invested in her friendship-emotionally-it was still interesting to read. There is a second story within the main story that provides a snapshot of a tumultuous part of history that you might never read about otherwise- the trolley era- and that part of the book is very fun to read. I think that if you read this book as part of a discussion group you would have a great deal to discuss- and I think it might make for some lively conversation. It reminds me of one of those strange books you had to read senior year of high school- it seems a little different than other books you might read, but it somehow leaves a lasting impression.


Princess Freckles said...

I sometimes wish I could be in book club, because when you read a book like the one you just described, you want to share it with someome! I'm going to look into that book!

Kiki said...

Last summer another blogger I read suggested a book that I went out and read right away...after I finished it I wanted to talk about it....I need a book club too!

I'm really loving your reviews and since I need a beachy read your first pick might have to be my list!!

Donna said...

I just ordered this. I am becoming a a big fan of yours!