Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Fun (if a little odd) Birthday Weekend

Saturday was my birthday and I had a nice morning getting my hair blown out and my eyebrows done. While I was out, Big Guy cleaned the house. I took H with me and it could have been a huge disaster, but he slept the whole time and I even had time to pop over to the drive through window at the coffee chop and get a nice Soy decaf latte. (On a side note my blow out was terrible and I had to call the salon and complain. I felt bad for saying that the guy did a bad job, but it really was terrible and my husband said it looked better when I did it myself- which means it was really bad. Blow outs are expensive, so I felt cheated. Anyway- they are giving me a free blowout this weekend to make up for it. )
After my salon time, we went to The Mall that Time Forgot . Big Guy wanted to take me to a jewelry store that happened to be in this location--Picture a mall that the Golden Girls would go to on their show- palm trees, stores called “Madame Bonjour”, and “Smart and Sophisticated Fashions for Women,” A man on a keyboard playing Dancing Queen…..seriously, it was so strange- even the lighting seemed fake and Golden Girls-y. Also, I hated everything that they showed me in the jewelry store- it was all very trashy looking. BUT on the upside- there was a Deli in the mall- it looked like a little grocery store stuck in the wall- very out of place- and it was like a little Italian market with a butcher, a sandwich counter, gelato, and fresh pasta and bread and cookies- it was so cute. We got lunch and sat near the keyboard man and enjoyed some slow jams.

Then Big Guy took me on a surprise outing to play Skee Ball! It was 10 cents to play and we bought a $3.00 bag of nickels- that is like 15 games each. It was really fun. We thought we were being so cool because we were going to give our tickets to this kid that was really nice and cute (he showed us how to play one of the games and was adorable- saying things like "this is a really great game!”) and when we went to give him our measly 200 tickets- we saw that he had a stack of about 3,000- we felt a little silly.

That night our friends A and D came over and we walked to a pub near our house with the babies (they have a baby the same age as H- they were born in the same hospital 2 days apart) We sat on the patio and had a beer and some mussels and curry fries and then walked back home and made pizzas.

The next day we went to play bocce ball indoors and A and D surprised me and showed up to play with us- it was a really fun weekend.


Jane said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had a great weekend!

Mom x 2 said...

Sounds like a fun weekend...relaxing. I'm so impressed you complained to the salon. I need to be more like that! Also, I'm dying to know where the heck this mall that time forgot is?!

Mom x 2 said...

Also, Happy Birthday (belated)!!

Midwest Prep said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Jane and Momx2.

Momx2- The mall is in Niles somewhere. i know we were near Harlem, but i don't know that area very well. I do know that the deli in it is called Minelli's- I loved the deli-- some day I would like to dress up as dorothy sbornak and go shopping at Madame Bonjour! It was the oddest place!

Donna said...

Are you talking about Golf-Mill? I grew up on Park Ridge and worked at the Sears there when I was in high school. Awful place, if I remember. Good for you on the hair complaint! I just had my girl color my hair and she is fabulous, but the cut...not so much. And she is the daughter of one of my friends...that is tough. We live in a small Midwest town, so there aren't that many choices (downstate).
Love your blog.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kiki said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wishing the year ahead is full of lots of love and adventure, more than your heart and hands can hold!!!