Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Monday

My Spirits are not as high as they could be today, so I thought I would post a few lists

Things that are good about today:

1. ok maybe I should start with the things that are bugging me because I can't think of anything good right now

Things that are bugging me today:

1. I am two days late for my period.

2. I am way behind at work...yet still blogging

3. It is dingy out today

4. I am 10 lbs overweight and not making progress anymore!

5. I don't want to work out- I just want to go home

6. I can't think of a movie to watch tonight that will make me feel better

Things that are ok about today:

1. It isn't freezing out today

2. I have my wellies at work, so i won't ruin my Uggs in the sludge

3. Even if I am pregnant- I have a fantastic husband who will be excited after he gets over the initial shock.

4. Maybe no one will notice that I am as big as a whale when I am in my best friends wedding in 8 months....everyone loves a pregnant bridesmaid ....right?

The worst part is that I just went on and on about how i didn't understand how people got pregnant by accident. Two days isn't that big of a deal is it? Should I be worried?


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Hey- sounds like you are in a bit of a slump- take that early response test for one.. so you ease your mind.

Take a deep breath and then move forward with your fabulous life in this fabulous city and think....

1. Being a mom in Chicago has loads to offer and will be so much fun and a whole new 2008 than I ever imagined......


2. Whooo- close one- and pack that gym back get some great new mags and download some great tunes for the treadmill and GO! Just go! Each day it gets more fun and easier and there are tons of people there at night that feel the same as you- but once you get there its all good!

I was there tonight and came home with a wet head after swimming- but I feel nice a cozy and sleepy now.

Good Luck- of course now you have to let us know-well no you dont- but.. and make tomorrow a great day.

TCP said...

Oh wow. Deep breath. Either way, you'll be fine. Better than fine, right? I would test right away, but then, I have no patience. Plus, the bright side of being a pg bridesmaid? You won't have to diet yourself into your dress or suck your stomach in for pictures. :)

How about watching a nice, sappy romantic comedy? That always makes me feel better. Hugh Grant + massive amounts of popcorn generally does the trick.

Take care,


Belle-ah said... far as "whoops" go I have 2 very planned and 1 surprise but it worked out and we actually realized that #3 was the missing piece of our puzzle that we didn't realize was missing! (after I got over the be sure)

Hoping all is looking better today!