Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update: Pregnant or Not?

Ok, So I took the First Response test and it said "Not Pregnant". I am on Day 31 of my Cycle- and still no sign of my monthly visitor. Not sure what this means. Someone told me that it depends on when you test, and that if my cycle wasn't supposed to start yet-the test doesn't work. However, for now I am operating under the assumption that I am not pregnant, and that my period is simply out of whack because of years of birth control and maybe it is finally leaving my system and making things all screwed up. If I still don't have it by day 39, I will test a final time and then I am not going to worry about it anymore. Does that sound right?


Polly said...

Yes. I know it's hard not to obsess over these things. : )
Birth control pills aren't so good for many reasons. If you're looking for an alternative, we've loosely used Natural Family Planning for 18 years and have found it to be very reliable.

TCP said...

If this is your first month sans the pill, things could just be a little out of whack from that. You can always go to your ob/gyn and get a blood test if you need the peace of mind. Hang in there.

Mary Beth said...

When I went off the pill many years ago, my cycle was out of whack. It took a 2-3 months to get "regular" again. I remember the uncertainty and how it would drive me crazy. I understand how you feel!