Friday, September 14, 2007


My husband got me this jacket as a belated birthday present. When I say belated, I invite you to stretch the meaning of the word to its most extreme interpretation. My Birthday was May 30. We still argue about whether or not he forgot my birthday. We woke up that day, he said good morning, we went about our morning routines, he got in the shower and I was doing my hair and responding to his casual morning banter in a less than enthusiastic tone when he asked, "did I do something wrong?" to which I replied, "YOU FORGOT MY BIRTHDAY!" He argued that he just hadn't had the time to wish me a happy birthday--sure! As penance for the oversight, he agreed to get me a Burberry bag as my birthday gift. However, after careful examination of the current line and months of patient anticipation of the release of the fall collection, I came to realize I couldn't pick a bag. There wasn't one (under $1,000) that I absolutely had to have, and with Burberry and Me, there has always been a love affair. I first fell in love with my grandmother's trench when I was a child. The solution was obvious, I chose to get the classic jacket. Now, with the days getting cooler, I wait for the day I can rip open the protective plastic and free it from the hangar and the darkness of my hall closet.