Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Outfit Yesterday

From time to time I am the subject of some office ribbing- all in good fun of course. Usually, the jokes have to do with me looking younger than I am or my preppiness. Living in Chicago, people tend to be a little more trendy and/or hip. Yesterday my outfit prompted my colleagues to pull out the stops and lay it on pretty think. I was subjected to comments like--"So do like your profs this semester?" and "What's your hurry? Late for a pep rally in the quad?" My personal favorite was. "Are you excited about this weekend? There is going to be a killer Kegger!" They made so many jokes I didn't dare tell them that the skirt and sweater were Vineyard Vines!!! The funny thing is that I didn't even think my outfit was that preppy--I have shown up in madras or boating stripe before and no one said much. Anyway, I found the pieces online-is it that bad?


suburban prep said...

I dress like that often. I am in my almost mid 40's. You have to be comfortable with what you wear. I live in the Chicago area too.

MFP said...

Thanks for writing- I think you are the first to read my blog. I enjoy reading other blogs online and thought it might be fun to start my own, as a creative outlet and a place to collect my favorite pics and recipes and ideas. My friends don't share the same style. I often hear. That is very "YOU." But they appreciate that I am different and think my style suits me.